The section is an administrative entity for Welfare Fraud (see site list for details). There are no geographic restrictions.
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DPSS appeals and complaints processes provide assistance to benefits applicants and recipients who are unable to resolve problems through their caseworker or other district office staff and accepts general inquiries regarding benefits programs. It also provides certificates/forms assistance to people who need to document whether or not they have ever received public assistance in L.A. County; it does not provide this service to people who need this documentation for INS purposes (see separate entry for the L A County Tax Collector). There are no geographic restrictions.

Case complaints by recipients or applicants who are not satisfied with any decision made about their case, should first be to the caseworker and then to the worker's supervisor. If that fails, they can speak with the district office helpline, or, after that, the director. If the problem cannot be resolved at the district office-level, it can be brought to the attention of the Central Helpline. Central Helpline staff may act as liaison between the client and the district office.

The Central Helpline serves to mediate and facilitate case complaints and appeals from recipients to develop a resolution, if possible, and prevent the matter from becoming more severe and necessitating the intervention of the State appeals office. Applicants or recipients of CalWORKs, CalFresh, IHSS, and Medi-Cal may request appeals or fair hearings to challenge case actions. A V.I.P. Helpline is available for other governmental agencies and for attorneys, court officials and legal advocates, including those with subpoenas, who have inquiries about specific cases.

General Relief recipients who are homeless and who have received shelter vouchers from DPSS may make a complaint about shelter conditions to the BAP Vendor Hotline.

For case complaints, first call the appropriate district office. If the matter is still not resolved, call the Central Helpline. If the matter is still unresolved, call the Customer Relations office prior to filing a complaint with the State. After that, for unresolved or other matters that require filing a state appeal or requesting a state fair hearing, write to the Appeals and State Hearing Section.

For certificates/forms assistance, the section prefers that persons may apply by mail or fax. Persons with Section 8 Housing forms may apply in person and receive certification on the spot if they present these forms. When applying by mail, photocopies of ID with a name and current address and an original Social Security Card are required. Applicants should also provide any forms or letters from the agency(-ies) requesting the information to receive a response within ten working days. If this information is not provided or is not available, it may take up to an additional two weeks for the division to produce a manually-drafted certification letter.