Disaster Preparedness and Response

211 partners directly with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management to be the primary provider of disaster preparedness and response information services to the community before, during, and after disasters. In times of local or national distress, 211 LA County responds by providing timely and accurate information for any member of the community to learn valuable and life-saving information. To ensure maximum accessibility during large scale crises, 211 LA County partners with Bank of America and Volunteer Centers of Los Angeles for call handling volunteer assistance.

Under contract with Los Angeles County, 211 is also the public’s interactive information source for the County in the event of a disaster or terrorist act. As a founding member of 211 California and the National 211 Disaster Support Collective, 211 Los Angeles is active in county and statewide disaster response through its collaborative efforts with these 211 partners.  2012 211 LA ROLE IN DISASTER 1 PAGE VERSION

211′s Role in Recent Disasters

2007 Wildfires
In October 2007, Southern California communities experienced first-hand the role 211 can play during a disaster. Twenty separate wildfires consumed large parts of six Southern California counties; in all, more than 500,000 people would be evacuated from homes in San Diego County alone. During these evacuations, major highways were closed as new fires began and existing fires spread. Information about evacuations, shelters, and road closures changed by the minute. A link to the full Trial by Fire Report is below.
2007 Trial By Fire Report

Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Gustav made landfall in Louisiana in August of 2008. The entire state of Louisiana received a Presidential disaster declaration on August 29, 2008. The 211 centers in Louisiana were overwhelmed with calls and requested assistance from any available California 211 centers. 211 LA County, 211 San Francisco and 211 San Diego began working with Louisiana on September 1, 2008, and 211 LA County began routing calls between San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles on September 3, 2008.
Hurricane Gustav Press Release

Station Fires
At approximately 3:20pm on Wednesday, August 27, 2009 the Station Fires started. Multiple mandatory evacuation orders were issued for various surrounding areas. The fire burned 160,577 acres and was 100% contained on Friday, October 16, 2009. The Los Angeles County CEO and the Governor proclaimed the fire as a local emergency. 211 immediately began to work on providing updated information regarding the Stations Fires to Los Angeles County residents. 211 LA County recruited ninety volunteers and thirty two of them were trained to assist in handling emergency calls. Volunteers were recruited from the Volunteer Center and Bank of America. A total number of 2160 calls were handled. Resource staff extended hours of operations to provide ongoing collection and verification of information to disseminate to Community Resource Advisors. In addition, 211 staff was deployed to assist residents at the Local Assistance Centers (LAC) in Acton and Sylmar.

Disaster Preparedness Information
LA County Emergency Survival Guide
Pandemic Flu Information

Disaster Response Agencies:
County of Los Angeles Office of Emergency Management
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA)
Emergency Network Los Angeles (ENLA)
Los Angeles City Emergency Management Department
California Homeland Security
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (NVOAD)
American Red Cross
Centers for Disease Control Bio-Terrorism
County of Los Angeles Public Health
Los Angeles County Operational Area
Salvation Army
Tzu Chi Foundation

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