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211 LA welcomes Anne Miles to the Board of Directors
June 15, 2019
By Admin

June, 2019 - 211 LA is pleased to welcome a new Director to the Board of Directors - Anne Miles, a Public Affairs professional with expertise in policy and housing affordability.



“The amazing folks at 211 LA go to work every day and help our most vulnerable neighbors on some of the toughest issues facing society. As a communications professional, I hope that I can assist in getting the word out about 211 LA so that more of our neighbors can access the services they need.”
- Anne Miles, 211 LA Board of Directors



Anne Miles currently serves as a Senior Account Executive at OPR Communications, a public affairs and media relations firm based in Riverside. Anne has a background in foreign policy, academia, and politics; including serving as the Political Director for the Yes on Propositions 1 & 2 campaign, statewide ballot measures to fund affordable and permanent supportive housing. 

Prior to her current role at OPR Communications, Anne received her B.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University. During this time she completed several internships in the U.S. Senate and for the State Department. After graduation, Anne worked as a defense contractor at the Pentagon. Anne then pursued graduate school in the United Kingdom, attending Oxford University for a master's degree in International Relations and King's College London to complete her doctoral studies. 

In 2015, Anne returned to California with a desire to work on local issues. Through her role on the Propositions 1&2 campaign and involvement with her local church, Anne has since worked with multiple non-profits including the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH) and Hillsides Residential Treatment Services. These organizations support people in Los Angeles who have experienced housing insecurity, trauma, and mental health challenges; much like many of the individuals who call 2-1-1. 

Engaging with non-profit organizations has allowed Anne to see the direct impact of her efforts in public policy. After a chance meeting with current Board President, Robert Liljenwall, Anne was inspired to join the 211 LA Board of Directors and further bridge her expertise in public policy with direct service.

by Ana Hollander, June 15, 2019