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Behind the Scenes: 211 LA’s Annual Resource Update
July 16, 2019
By Admin

For most people in LA County July means barbeques, fireworks, beaches and sometimes heatwaves! But for the 211 LA Resource Department it means all those things and the completion of the Annual Update process. This year 4,350 agency profiles were reviewed and updated by the 211 LA Resource Writers. 

Communication and Verification 
211 LA’s Annual Update process is one of the ways in which the Resource Department verifies and updates its database. The database of 211 LA resources is extensive and it takes a team of certified Resource Writers to go through each agency profile and verify its information. Communication between agencies listed in the database and the 211 Resource team is vital to the database’s accuracy and integrity. This is another reason 211 LA stands out in providing high quality information and referral services. The Annual Update allows agencies to review their agency’s information, add or remove services or phone numbers, and verify other vital information 2-1-1 callers may need.

Updated and Accessible     
Each year the team takes time to go through each agency profile entry in the database and reach out to agency contacts. The Annual Update process begins with the Resource Writers contacting agencies by phone and email. The agency’s representative will then receive a user ID and password to access their agency’s data and make any necessary edits. The edits can be minor, such as adding a new phone number or removing a disconnected one. Or it can be more extensive, like combining two organization entries if companies merge, rehauling a service program description, or adding a brand new site to an existing larger agency. For these tasks, Resource Writers must take the information submitted and revise it according to our established writing style guidelines. The entire process is extremely detailed and time consuming, however it is worth every second to ensure we are meeting community needs. 

Vital Services to Support the Entire Community
Without a formal way to verify agencies and their services community members may receive misinformation through other unverified sources or waste crucial time searching for the services they need. The update process is essential to both community agencies and individuals seeking assistance. Although agencies can contact the 211 LA Resource team at anytime the formal process allows the team to track changes, refresh the database as a whole by reviewing service gaps, and maintain its relationships with community resources.