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Benefits for Businesses in Choose Health LA Restaurants

Choose Health LA Restaurants wants to work with you!

Do you own a restaurant in LA County? Choose Health LA Restaurants can partner with your business to improve customers' health. Choose Health LA Restaurants offers you the opportunity to support community health and respond to local customer demand. 


The benefits to participating include:

--Restaurant/s will be recognized as Public Health partners in promoting healthier communities on Choose Health LA website and other public outreach efforts


-- Participants will be issued an official Choose Health LA Restaurants decal that can be displayed in the restaurant and in-store promotional materials about the program


--Restaurants will be offered free, on-site assistance from Choose Health LA Restaurants program staff to implement these menu changes 


*We do not charge restaurants any fees to participate in the program, and promotional materials are provided free of charge. This is a voluntary program and does not impact a restaurant’s letter grade. 


Restaurants participating in Choose Health LA Restaurants agree to offer to their customers:


--Smaller portion size options – items are in addition to the existing items on your menu.


--Healthier children’s meals that include fruits and vegetables, healthy beverages, and non-fried foods.


--Chilled water, free of charge.


FACT: 85% of LA County residents said they support restaurants offering reduced-size portion options, according to a recent survey in Los Angeles.


Ready to join the movement? If you operate a restaurant in L.A. County, contact Choose Health LA to start working together for healthy living. 


Telephone: (213) 351-7807

Restaurant operators for Choose Health LA 


Are you a customer? Find out what Choose Health LA Restaurants can offer you and your family.

Learn more about the Healthy Communities, Healthy Lives campaign


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Finding treatment and support for your health can seem overwhelming, but 211 can help! Search the Healthy Living community resources guide and community calendar to find support near you.