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Customer Benefits of Choose Health LA Restaurants

What Choose Health LA Restaurants can do for you

While many restaurants offer "healthier" options, meals eaten outside the home can contain high amounts of calories, salt, and fat. But eating out doesn't have to mean making unhealthy choices. Choose Health LA Restaurants makes it easier to choose healthy options to dine out in the LA area, for individuals and families.


Restaurants participating in the Choose Health LA initiative give customers the option to choose smaller portions. Ordering your favorite foods in a smaller portion is a simple way to make a better choice for your health.


And because childhood obesity is on the rise, it's important to provide healthy options for your child, whether you are dining in or out. Here are a few ways Choose Health LA Restaurants make the healthy choice EASY for you and your family:

--All kids’ meals come with a serving of fruit or vegetables.

--If a beverage is included, it will be water or low-fat milk.

--Most kids’ menu items will not be deep-fried. 


Choose Health LA Restaurants also provides information and tips on health ways to eat for you and your family: 

Read Choose Health LA’s 10 Tips to Enjoy Your Food but Eat Less 

Learn more about why portion size matters and how to recognize healthy-sized meals. 

Find out how to choose healthy meals for your child when eating out.


What is Choose Health LA Restaurants?

Are you a restaurant owner? Learn more about the benefits of participating in the Choose Health LA Restaurants program.

Learn more about the Healthy Communities, Healthy Lives campaign


 Find participating restaurants in your area!


Finding treatment and support for your health can seem overwhelming, but 211 can help! Search the Healthy Living community resources guide and community calendar to find support near you.