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Data Security Incident

211 LA County Notice of Data Breach

211 LA County values its relationship with the Los Angeles community and understands the importance of protecting the personal information provided by community members in calls to its help lines. This notice relates to a security incident that may have involved some of that information.

What Happened

An outside security firm recently advised us that a database we use to record call information was potentially accessible over the internet. Upon learning of this, we immediately initiated an internal review and reconfigured and restricted external access to the information. We also hired a leading computer security firm to help determine how this happened and the extent of the incident. 

Our investigation determined that the incident was caused by an employee who inadvertently misconfigured the settings during a recent upgrade, which caused a database file to be accessible from the internet. Our investigation also confirmed that the only unauthorized access was by the security firm who initially reported this incident to us. The security firm has assured us that all copies of the data have been destroyed. 211 LA County has concluded that all copies of the database are currently in its possession and control. Based on our investigation, we have no evidence of any misuse of any information.

What Information Was Involved

The database contained information related to calls to 211 LA County, which included names, Social Security numbers and certain medical and other information provided during the course of phone calls to 211 LA County.

What We Are Doing

To help prevent a similar incident from happening in the future, 211 LA County reconfigured processes and procedures so that this information is no longer accessible from the internet and added additional security to our internet-based storage platforms. We also are providing additional and ongoing staff data security training, reviewing existing security and privacy policies, and enhancing the security protections we already have in place.

What You Can Do

To help those impacted, 211 LA County will be providing a range of support services based on each individual situation. 211 LA County is providing written notification via first class mail, where addresses are available, to individuals whose information could potentially be used to commit identity fraud. For these individuals, 211 LA County is offering a complimentary enrollment in a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service. For other individuals for whom other types of information was contained in the database, 211 LA County has established a toll-free call center where individuals may obtain additional information regarding the incident.

For More Information

We regret any inconvenience or concern this incident may cause. If you have questions, please call 888-398-6844, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.