"When you get things rolling, this weight gets taken off of you. You start breathing differently, feeling differently, talking differently ... I could not have done it without 211." - Martin Jimenez, Prop 47 program participant 

Ms. Brown was a former foster youth and had been experiencing homelessness with her 10 month old child. At the time she called 211 she was also 2 months pregnant. 211 LA connected her to a Family Solutions Center and provided her with transportation to emergency housing. Ms. Brown now has a case manager, a pending Section 8 voucher, and anticipates being placed into permanent housing soon.

If a family calls after hours on a Friday needing emergency housing, they need 3 nights of housing before they can go to a Family Solutions Center on Monday Morning. This donation gets a family in need safely through the weekend.

If a family calls after hours Monday-Thursday needing emergency housing, send them to a safe motel for the night with this donation.

Provide 1 child under age 3 with an evidence-based developmental screening by a 211 LA Care Coordinator to determine if he or she is at risk for developmental delays, autism, or socio-behavioral issues. Early identification and intervention is essential to a child’s long term development and success. Any child who does screen at-risk will be immediately linked to early intervention services, and the parents provided with tools and resources to help their child thrive.