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Transportation to and from services - $50

 "When you get things rolling, this weight gets taken off of you. You start breathing differently, feeling differently, talking differently ... I could not have done it without 211." - Martin Jimenez, Prop 47 program participant 

For people trying to find work, lack of access to transportation is a major barrier to seeking employment. There are many steps in the job search process that can require transportation - picking up applications, submitting applications, interviews, and going to required tests, medical appointments, or other job requirements.

211 LA has Care Coordination programs that help people trying to get back on their feet, and often a critical piece in this process is helping them secure employment.  In our Prop 47 Care Coordination program, people are trying to get back on their feet who've had a criminal record that was reduced to a misdemeanor under Prop 47. Having a felony removed from their record can be a game changer for them, allowing them access to many employment avenues that would have been closed before. 211 LA's Care Coordinator helps them connect all of the many pieces needed to secure the housing, training, employment opportunities, and transportation to put them on an entirely new path that will change their and their families' lives.

Mr. Jimenez was one such Prop 47 program participant. He'd been barely surviving on General Relief Benefits and on the verge of homelessness, unable to get around because of a physical disability and lack of income. 211 LA's Care Coordination program secured him transportation whenever he needed to get to appointments, and enrolled him in a Department of Rehabilitation training program, where he is now going through the job placement program. 211 LA provided him the advocacy and coordination between many different program offices to make sure he has a roof over his head, a path to employment, and the transportation he needs to take control of his life once again. 

You can help us provide more essential rides to job seekers like Mr. Jimenez and put more people on the path to stability. It makes a huge difference. 211 LA uses various transportation services to get program participants to and from the job-related destinations they need, including Lyft. Your $50 donation will provide 1 person that essential connection they need.