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Coordinated Entry System for Families - 2015-2016 Year End Report*

  • Total number of calls to 211 for Housing Related Assistance = 48, 325 
  • Total number of families screened for CES for Families services = 17,464 
  • Total number of emergency housing vouchers issued = 711
  • Total number of trips with transportation vendor = 233

*The data is for Fiscal year 2015-2016 (July 2015 - June 2016) 

Total Motel vouchers issued = 711

*In February 2016, the time period for accepting after hour emegency housing requests for vouchers changed from 10pm to 5pm (The Family Solutions Centers close at 5pm)

Numbers reported by SPA refers to Service Planning Area (8 regions in LA County designated by the LA County Department of Public Health).

CES for families after hours

Total Adults served = 957

Total Children served = 1,251

CES for Families Screenings 2015-2016

Total CESF Screenings = 17,464

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