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Developmental Screening & Care Coordination Program

We live at a time when information is literally a click away and yet access is often just the first step. If you are a parent with a child under the age of five and are concerned about his or her early childhood development, information alone is often simply not enough. With 211 LA County’s innovative developmental screening and care coordination, offers parent/caregivers a questionnaire which is an evidence-based developmental screening interview how a child is doing for his/her age. Our program not only provides information and referrals but additionally offers care coordination to help families navigate local and regional resources and to get the services and support their child needs.

Family Stories

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Scope of the Problem

It is a major challenge to reach, identify, and intervene on behalf of children with developmental delays in the population with the lowest income, highest risk factors and fewest resources during a critical time in a early childhood development. Developmental screening at 211 LA is a major strategy to achieving universal screening and level the developmental and learning playing fields for low-income, underserved, and ethic-minority children.

Who Is Screened

Over 7,000 calls a month are from parents or caregivers with children under 5 years of age and are disproportionately low-income, ethnic-minority, underserved, and without health insurance. Four out of five (80%) have monthly household incomes below $2,000 and over three-quarters are ethnic-minority. CareCoordination 2

Children Birth to Five at Risk

Serving families with
  • Low income
  • High risk factors and
  • Limited resources

< 15%

of pediatricians conduct developmental screenings before the age of three

< 30%

of children with disabilities are identified before entering school


of parents and caregivers offered developmental phone screening accepted 211 LA annually serves


parents of children age 0-to-5