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Homeless Families

The Homeless Families Solutions System (HFSS) is a seamless, cooperative system of service delivery for homeless and at-risk families throughout Los Angeles County. HFSS strives to assist families to not only obtain permanent housing, but to be in the position to sustain their housing through linkages of services.

Family Solutions Providers provide the following:

  • A centralized point-of-access for families in need of crisis services
  • Temporary and permanent housing placement
  • Connection with employment
  • Physical and mental health care
  • Child-care and other community-based services.

In an effort to keep families in their community, referrals are provided to the closest FSC site.

In order to be eligible families must meet the following criteria:  homeless or at-risk of homelessness, have at least one minor child under 17 years old or pregnant woman in the 3rdtrimester or high risk, and reside in Los Angeles County. When a family calls 2-1-1 seeking housing services, a Community Resource Advisor (CRA) conducts an assessment for basic eligibility criteria to determine the best option. If an inquirer meets the FSC criteria, the CRA can then provide a direct connection to an FSC site closest to their community. With this process, 211 LA County helps families save valuable time and eliminates the need to make unnecessary phone calls to multiple shelters and agencies.

The Homeless Family Solutions System is a collaborative effort between housing service providers, the Department of Social Services (DPSS), the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority (LAHSA), 211 Los Angeles County, and other partnering agencies.