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Low Cost Internet

The digital divide affects a lot of Californians. While 75 percent of all Californians reported having access to broadband in their home, the percentage plummets among residents who didn't graduate from high school (32 percent); Spanish-speaking Latinos (46 percent), all Latinos (63 percent), people over 65 years old (47 percent), people with disabilities (59 percent) and those with household incomes of less than $20,000. The California Emerging Technology Fund is a non-profit that was created to help Californians bridge the digital divide and find low-cost broadband Internet access. Having broadband access in the home ensures children have access to the Internet for homework and research.  Searching for employment or applying for public benefits can all be done more efficiently online. 211 LA County has information on low-cost broadband internet options.  Please dial 2-1-1 and ask a Community Resource Advisor for information.