Abandoned Vehicle Reporting/Removal

Abandoned Vehicle Reporting/Removal


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The program provides municipal services related to parking and transportation for people within Los Angeles City limits. Services include parking enforcement, parking meter services, parking permits, abandoned vehicle reporting, and parking ticket fines collection offices.

The program provides a centralized phone line for reporting of vehicles that have been abandoned on public property in all areas of the city. The line provides recorded information in English and Spanish, and records the caller's message. The reports are distributed to the appropriate enforcement area and investigations are initiated. Four walk-in offices are also available for ticket payment.

Parking violations such as blocked driveways are also accepted.

Annual, visitor, and guest parking permits are available.

The enforcement of parking regulations include those that specifically designate spaces for people who have disabilities.

Parking violation administrative hearings take place at the downtown LA, Van Nuys and West Los Angeles Public Service Center locations. APPLICATION PROCEDURE To report an abandoned vehicle within city limits call the designated number above for recorded information and to leave a message about the vehicle in question. Reports may also be made directly to their local law enforcement agency.

To report a parking violation within city limits call the Dispatch Center.

Call for ticket information or walk in to a ticket payment office for service. Forms are available online to request a waiver from immediate payment of parking fees or to request a payment plan based on financial situation. The waiver form is submitted to an Administrative Adjudication Bureau for review. The form is available on the bureau's website.

Email ladot.ombudsman@cityofla.org with questions regarding parking tickets. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees.
Application Procedure


(213) 623-7046 (Customer Service Line)


(213) 688-0831

Service/Intake and Hotline

(310) 843-5936 (Residential/Preferential Parking Permits) (800) 222-6366 ((800) ABANDON - Abandoned Vehicles Line) (877) 215-3958 (Parking Meter Line) (866) 561-9742 (24-Hr Customer Service Line) (213) 623-6533 (24-Hr Customer Service Line)


(213) 485-4184 (Reporting Parking Violations) (818) 374-4823 (Dispatch Center - Illegal Parking/Blocked Driveways)

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