Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education ( Disabilities and Health Conditions )


This is a two year community college which provides a variety of academic and vocational education courses for California residents who are high school graduates or who are age 18 or older. Services include adult basic education, community colleges, sign language interpretation, and vocational education. There are no geographic restrictions.

Students may earn an Associate of Arts degree in two years and transfer to a four-year college, may earn a vocational certificate and enter the workforce, or may take courses primarily for personal enrichment. In addition, support services available for students include financial assistance counseling, career planning, job placement, and a child development center for day care.

The Disabled Services office assists students with tutoring, sign language, interpreters, special equipment, note taking and registration. A career library is available for people in the community. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in the admissions office for information or to enroll. New students are tested to evaluate their language and mathematics skill levels. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees for services. Call for information or visit the agency website.
Application Procedure
American Sign Language
Service Condition Fee


6201 Winnetka Ave.

Woodland Hills , CA 91371 (Physical)

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Service hours
Admissions is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00am to 7:30pm; and Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Service/Intake (Voice and TDD)

(818) 719-6430 (Disabled Student Office)


(818) 710-4219


(818) 347-0551 (Main Switchboard) (818) 710-2549 (Workforce Dev./WIOA) (818) 710-4100 (818) 710-2937 (Foster & Kinship Care Education - Caregivers) (818) 710-3352 (Foster & Kinship Care Education - Foster Youth)


(818) 710-4220 (TDD Answering Machine)

Service/Intake and Administration

(844) 695-2223 (Student Help Desk)

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