Alcohol Use Disorder Support Groups

Alcohol Use Disorder Support Groups


The hospital provides self-help support groups for former patients and people in the community. Services include alcohol dependency support groups, appearance enhancement consultation programs, bereaved parent support groups, drug dependency support groups and health/disability related support groups. There are no geographic restrictions.

The hospital provides an appearance enhancement consultation program, called "Look Good ... Feel Better", for women who are cancer survivors. There is a bereaved parent support group for perinatal loss, including miscarriage, stillbirth and SIDS. There are several twelve-step support groups: an alcohol dependency support group; an alcohol dependency support group for friends and families of alcoholics; and a drug dependency support group, NarAnon, for friends and families of drug addicts. The hospital also sponsors a support group for cardiac surgery patients in rehabilitation called "Mended Hearts". APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. People may walk in for twelve-step group meetings. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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Lancaster , CA 93534 (Physical)

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Thursdays, 7:00pm.


(661) 949-5000 (Main Number) (661) 949-5250 (Mental Health Services) (661) 726-6210 (Family Resource Center/Health Ed.) (888) 942-9675 (888 WIC WORKS (State WIC Number))


(661) 945-5772 (TDD in ER)


(661) 949-5533
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