Alcohol/Drug Impaired Driving Prevention

Alcohol/Drug Impaired Driving Prevention ( Adolescents )


The department regulates and issues licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages for the State of California. Services include alcoholic beverages complaints; alcohol/drug imparied driving prevention for adolescents; and beer/liquor licenses. There are no geographic restrictions.

Eligible applicants for a permanent beer or liquor license must obtain a Sales Tax Permit from the State Board of Equalization (see the separate entry) and meet Federal Occupational Tax Stamp requirements of the United States Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. In addition, the applicant must contact local city or county officials to determine if a business license is required and if the area of the business has any zoning regulations regarding the sale of liquor. Before the license is issued, the Department conducts an investigation which lasts from 45 to 50 days. All licenses are renewed on a 12 month basis.

There is a State moratorium on the issuance of new beer and liquor licenses in areas which have been determined to have a high concentration of existing businesses selling alcoholic beverages both for on and off-premises consumption or which have a high crime rate. Contact a district office for details.

The department provides free training on ABC Laws and rules for new applicants and all licensees and employees. It awards grants to local law enforcement organizations to target alcohol-related crime. LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH Language line services can accommodate most languages. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. An appointment is required for a permanent liquor license; applications are not accepted via mail. Fingerprints and other detailed personal information is required. Walk in to request a single event license. The application process includes an overview of all pertinent laws and regulations.

Call for information about the drinking driver prevention program. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees range from $15 for a one-day event license for beer or wine to $12,000 for a new general off-sale or on-sale license for beer, wine and distilled spirits.
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