Disability Related Parenting Programs

Disability Related Parenting Programs ( Foster Parents )


The college provides foster family services for people of all ages in Los Angeles county. Services include disability related parenting education programs and life skills education for foster and former foster youth. Classes are open to anyone, including caregivers or those who are court-ordered. Age restrictions apply for some services; there are no geographic restrictions.

Specialized classes for foster parents of children with disabilities include D-Rate training for foster families with children who have emotional and behavioral developmental challenges, and F-Rate training for foster families with children who are medically fragile.

The Whole Family Foster Homes (WFFH) Program provides 16 hours of special training for caregivers of teen parents with non-dependent children. A caregiver assists the teen parent in developing the skills necessary to provide a safe, stable and permanent home for his/her non-dependent child.

The Youth Empowerment Strategies for Success - Independent Living Program (YESS-ILP) provides life skills training for foster youth and former foster youth who are preparing to emancipate into independent adult life. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the department directly or apply online. Course offerings change each semester; visit the website for current class information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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(626) 963-0323 (General Information) (626) 852-8023 (CalWORKs Office) (626) 914-8675 (Disabled Student Services) (626) 857-4028 (Foster/Kinship Education)


(626) 914-8674

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(626) 852-8022 (Continuing Education Office - Business Training)
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