Distance Education

Distance Education


The center offers post-secondary education for adults age 18 and older that parallels the first two years of bachelor's degree programs (grades 13 and 14) as well as courses for people who are preparing for employment or who wish to upgrade their job skills. The center is affiliated with El Camino College District; see the separate entry.

The center also provides a number of services for community residents including a child development center, the Abel B. Sykes Child Development center; credit and non-credit classes for high school students in the district on their own campuses; Kollege for Kids classes for children; classes for residents of convalescent and retirement homes; distance education offerings online; a program for high school students in the district who are at risk for dropping out of school; and adult education classes at a number of sites in the community.

In addition, the center offers pre-entry programs which help people develop basic skills in math, reading, vocabulary, writing and communication that are necessary for successful performance in more advanced stages of study; vocational English as a second language classes; developmental programs which introduce the fundamental concepts in different subject areas to prepare students for entry into pre-professional courses; pre-professional programs which help students develop the essential skills, knowledge and credits for transfer to a four-year institution through an approved academic curriculum or prepare for employment in a particular occupational area; general education courses that enrich the pre-entry, developmental and pre-professional programs; and an honors program. People who are enrolled in an academic program can earn certificates or transfer to AA degree programs in a variety of areas.

Personal, educational and vocational counseling and guidance services are available for students as are a child care center, a library, a bookstore, a tutorial center and reading laboratory, a cafeteria, and a student lounge. The campus is equipped with a gymnasium which includes a basketball court, badminton and volleyball courts, a dance room, a wrestling room, and a weight training center. The campus also has a football and track stadium, a baseball diamond, tennis and volleyball courts, a golf course, archery range and a swimming pool. The campus facilities are available for use by community agencies and groups for meetings and conferences. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, visit website, or come to the college for information about courses, schedules, fees and registration. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The fees for specific courses vary. California residents pay $46 per unit tuition per semester; non-resident tuition is an additional $242 per unit. Financial assistance is available.
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(310) 900-1600 (310) 900-1600 ext 2402 (Disabled Student Services) (310) 900-1600 ext 2072 (CalWORKs Office) (310) 900-1600 ext 2902 (Abel B. Sykes Child Development Center) (310) 537-3808 (Foster/Kinship Care Education)
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