Domestic Violence Shelters

Domestic Violence Shelters ( Substance Use Disorders )


The program operates a domestic violence shelter for single women age 18 and older and women with children, including those with substance abuse issues. The shelter accepts women from other counties who are fleeing a batterer. There are no geographic restrictions.

The maximum stay is 45 days; after 30 days in the program, women may leave the shelter to seek housing. Women who are employed are asked to take a leave of absence when they enter the shelter. Residents are expected to participate in program activities, including household chores. The shelter has 30 beds.

Supportive services include peer and group counseling for domestic violence and substance abuse. The program also provides case management by Angel Step Inn staff to assist survivors with filing restraining orders, applying for financial assistance and WIC, and referrals to 2nd step services for residents that remain in our shelter for 45-days, and other services as needed.

The children's program helps young residents at the shelter ease the effects of domestic violence through group play, crafts, counseling, and other activities. Children attend local schools; services for children include play and peer group therapy and educational activities. The program also provides child care while women are in counseling and group sessions. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the hotline for an intake interview. Hotline staff speak English and Spanish. Program staff make arrangements to meet women at a safe location away from the shelter. Intake during daylight hours, unless accompanied by a law enforcement officer. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees are set on sliding scale. There are no fees for women who have no income.
Application Procedure
Service Condition Fee

Service/Intake and Hotline

(323) 780-4357 (24-Hr. Hotline 323-780-HELP)


(323) 780-7285


(323) 349-0611

Information Only

(562) 923-4545 ext 2262 (Referrals to other DV services)

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