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Gambling Addiction Counseling ( Asian Community )


The agency provides substance use disorder services for people of all ages in Los Angeles County. Services are targeted, but not restricted, to the Asian community. Services include adult diversion, alcohol use disorder education/prevention, alcohol use disorder counseling, central intake/assessment for alcohol use disorder, central intake/assessment for drug use disorders, comprehensive outpatient alcohol use disorder treatment, comprehensive outpatient drug use disorder treatment, drug use disorder counseling, drug use disorder education/prevention, juvenile diversion, organizational development and management services, perinatal drug use disorder treatment and printed materials. Age and geographic restrictions apply for some services.

Alcohol and drug education and prevention is available for youth, adults and families. Services are designed to impact youth from kindergarten to age 18 and to provide positive alternatives to substance abuse. Central intake and assessment services are provided for adolescents, age 14 to 17.

Counseling services are available for youth, adults and families and may include individual and group therapy and information and referral services.

Drug testing is available for adults age 18 and older.

A 20 week PC 1000 drug diversion program is available for adults age 18 who are court-referred first-time offenders. The program provides group and family counseling, court liasion, information and referral services, vocational training and job placement and drug screening. Individuals may also participate in a 24-hour crisis intervention line. Attendance at twelve-step meetings is recommended, but is not required. The program provides reports to the court or Department of Probation.

The Drug Court Treatment Program is a collaboration between the agency and the Inglewood Municipal Court that involves the Drug Court Commissioner, the prosecutor, the DA and AADAP treatment staff to provide a team approach to treatment. Successful participation and completion of the program results in the dismissal of drug charges.

Special Deliveries is a perinatal program which provides drug abuse treatment for pregnant and parenting women of all ages. Participants must commit to a minimum of three hours per day, six days per week. Services include individual, group and family counseling; support services; parenting education; health education; physical fitness education; and information and referral. Housing opportunities are available to women who have completed the program. Ancillary services include coordinated clean and sober living activities, drop-in hours, transportation, meals and aftercare.

The agency provides technical assistance for agencies throughout Los Angeles County. Services include leadership training, development of task forces and activities to improve the delivery and coordination of substance abuse services throughout Los Angeles County. Staff will provide presentations to community groups, schools and agencies and printed materials in a variety of languages. LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH Japanese, Korean, Spanish; print materials are available in Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees. There are no fees for alcohol and drug education/prevention services. Adult diversion fees are fixed; they include an intake fee of $52.40 and weekly fees of $27.
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