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General Health Education Programs ( Prostate Cancer )


The program provides health education for individuals in Los Angeles County. Services include babysitting instruction, birth orientation programs, breastfeeding, childbirth education, CPR instruction, disease/disability specific screening/diagnosis for heart disease, general health education programs for prostate cancer and a sibling birth preparation program. There are no geographic restrictions.

The babysitting instruction program is designed for youths 12-14 years old who are interested in baby-sitting skills. Course topics include: planning for a baby-sitting job, knowing what to expect from children of all ages, selecting toys and games, supervising children, preventing accidents, and the special care involved with taking care of infants. Participants will receive a Little Company of Mary course participation card. This course includes what to do if an infant or child is choking but does NOT include CPR.

The birth orientation program is a tour that provides information on what to expect during the birthing process at Providence Little Company of Mary. Families can tour the delivery rooms and infant care area. Couples may bring one additional adult family member on the tour. Children under the age of 10 are not recommended for the adult tour and should be enrolled in the Sibling Maternity Tour. The Sibling Maternity Tour is a mini tour of the hospital for children who are expecting a sibling. Accompanied by a parent, the tour allows young children to visit a postpartum room before the new baby arrives and also look at the newborns in the nursery.

The breastfeeding class is taught by a Certified Lactation Educator who provides breastfeeding information for the "soon-to-be" new mother (partners are also encouraged to attend). Parents will learn: How milk is produced, advantages of human milk over supplementation, how to get started breastfeeding after delivery, common problems & solutions, tips for partner feedings, maternal diet considerations and various positions for breastfeeding your baby, which will be demonstrated and practiced. The class should be taken 3-6 weeks prior to due date.

CPR instruction is designed for adults needing a CPR certification. It includes CPR, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (FBAO) for infant (birth-1 yr.), child (1-8 yrs.) and adult (9 yrs.) victims. Participants will be tested on their skills. Upon successful completion, participants will receive an American Heart Association certification card valid for two years. There is a separate infant/child CPR instruction class which teaches CPR for infants (birth - 1 yr.) and children (1-8 yrs.). This three-hour program includes a lecture and demonstrations in CPR and procedures for clearing an obstructed airway. This class does NOT include a CPR certification card.

Childbirth education consists of a two-class series. New parents will learn about the development of the baby, nutrition, bathing, feeding and child safety. Films are included as well as a discussion of helpful hints on living with a new baby. In the second class, a pediatrician will discuss newborn tests, immunizations and what to expect for the baby's first doctor visit. The expectant mother is encouraged to be accompanied by her coach when taking this class. Should be taken 3-6 weeks prior to due date.

The general health education program for prostate cancer covers risk factors, prevention, and types of screening tests that are available. It also covers what to do once a person is diagnosed with prostate cancer and options for treatment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The heart care screening includes a cardiac risk factor questionnaire, a resting 12-lead baseline EKG, a cardiac assessment consultation, a laminated EKG wallet card and results sent to your primary care physician. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information or visit the agency's website. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees for most services; the menopause workshop is free.
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