Health/Disability Related Support Groups

Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Arthritis )


The hospital provides health education services for people of all ages in Los Angeles County. Services include various classes for pregnant women and new parents, community education, and an occupational center and support services. There are no geographic restrictions.

Parenting classes are not court accepted.

Childbirth Preparation classes are for first-time expectant mothers or mothers who have not given birth in some time. The class is a total of 8 hours long and is given in either 2 four-hour classes on Saturdays or 4 two-hour classes on weeknights. Baby Beginnings classes teach bathing, diapering, and swaddling. All classes are offered in English and Spanish.

Community education includes speakers on a wide variety of health related topics in addition to community education classes which include CPR, planning for parenthood, childbirth education and preparation (including Lamaze), breast feeding, grandparenting, and sibling classes. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or visit the website for class information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Some classes may have fees; support groups are free.
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15107 Vanowen St.

Van Nuys , CA 91405 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm


(818) 902-5777 (Physician Referral Line) (818) 902-3930 (Welcome Baby)

Service/Intake and Administration

(818) 782-6600

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