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This department promotes the production and preservation of affordable housing and safe and livable neighborhoods through the promotion, development and preservation of decent, safe and affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles. Services include administration; affordable housing development incentives; building acquisition/construction/renovation funds; building inspection; housing counseling and services for people with HIV/AIDS; and housing and lending complaint intake and resolution. Services are restricted to City of Los Angeles residents.

The Code Enforcement division administers inspection programs to preserve the quality of the city's existing multifamily housing and prevent the development of dangerous substandard and/or unsanitary conditions in apartment buildings. Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) provides proactive inspection of multifamily rental housing units for housing code violations. Complaint-based inspections are hability inspections conducted within 72 hours of a complaint filed by tenants.

Through the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP), tenants can withhold their rent from their landlords and deposit it into a city-controlled escrow account. When landlords make long-delayed repairs, the money is released to them. Rent Reduction Program (RRP): allows tenants to pay reduced rent until building owners make designated improvements. The Utility Maintenace Program (UMP) allows tenants to pay rent payments to the City to ensure that utility services are maintained in cases where landlords and/or owners are not providing them. The Urgent Repair Program (URP) requires owners or apartments with life threatening conditions to repair the condition within 48 hours or have the property placed into REAP while the City makes repairs.

The Finance and Development Division provides loans to non-profit and for-profit developers to rehabilitate or create new multifamily housing projects. The projects include housing for persons with HIV/AIDS and housing where child lead poisoning has been identified. This division also administers homeownership and housing rehabilitation programs for families with incomes up to 150% of the median income in Los Angeles.

The HOPWA section provides housing search assistance; rent payment assistance; and roomate/housemate matching assistance for people with HIV/AIDS.

The Fair Housing and Anti-Predatory Lending programs provide consumer awareness on predatory lending issues; operates a Anti-Predatory Lending Hotline; and investigates reported cases of housing discrimination.

FamilySource Centers located throughout the city of Los Angeles serve, assist and support residents in their local neighborhoods and communities; see the separate entry City of Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department - FamilySource System, for more details. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in at this office or at one of the other program or field offices. In addition to providing information and referral, the hotline accepts complaints of housing discrimination and of predatory lending practices. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees to apply for any of the department services. Certain income eligibility requirements apply.
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