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The center provides services for non-profit organizations in Southern California. Services include management consulting, public education and awareness, printed materials, and an on-site training program. The center also offers board management retreats for directors of non-profit agencies, management seminars, and executive roundtables. In addition, the Center publishes an online bi-weekly newsletter, Nonprofit Directions. The newsletter lists employment opportunities with non-profit organizations. There are no geographic restrictions.

The Nonprofit Manager's Helpline provides information and referrals to other management assistance providers, and information about a variety of topics including accounting, law, board management, and fundraising. The helpline can provide information to people who want to know how their organization can apply for non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

Public seminars which address nonprofit management issues and how those issues apply to non-profit organizations are available at various times throughout the year. A half-day class is held quarterly to teach interested organizations whether to apply for 501(c)(3) status. The agency does not provide one on one assistance for individuals starting a non-profit.

Training programs offer participative seminars which address topics including executive board development, time management, interpersonal communication, supervision, stress management, strategic planning, technology tailored to non-profits, and the fundamentals of fund raising. Online classes in nonprofit management are also available. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, email or visit the website for information or to apply for assistance.

Visit for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) related to nonprofit management.

Visit for online class information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for the services provided through the Helpline or the library. Fees for consulting services are determined on an individual basis according to the amount of staff time required. Fees for placing an ad in Nonprofit Directions vary according to length. Fees for training vary based on the length of the seminar; call for more information.
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