Monitored Child Visitation Exchange

Monitored Child Visitation Exchange


The program provides supervised visitation and monitoring services for families who live in Los Angeles. Services include parental visitation monitoring and monitored child visitation exchange. Services are provided at two locations. Services are provided primarily to Los Angeles County SPA 6, South Central Los Angeles; SPA 3 the San Gabriel Valley; the Pomona Valley, and West Covina; however there are no geographic restrictions.

Staff supervise visits between the non-custodial parents and their children. The Los Angeles site monitors on-site visits and neutral exchanges. Parents are required to pick up and drop off their children at different times so that there is no contact between adults. Both parents must complete an intake interview prior to beginning services.

The S.A.F. E. program is for court-ordered parents who are required to participate in monitored custody visits and/or neutral exchanges with non-custodial parents and/or other family members and children. Staff monitor visits on site, in a safe and controlled environment. A maximum of six months of services, two hours per week are provided by the S.A.F.E program. Parents who do not qualify for this program may participate in the agency's other parenting programs.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. Referrals accepted from Los Angeles Superior Courts, mediators and self-referral with a court order. State identification and proof of income are required.

Call the specific number to complete an intake interview for the S.A.F.E program; both parents must participate. A court order is required; it must specify the S.A.F.E program in order to participate (this is not needed for private pay families). FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees for supervised visitation under the S.A.F.E program range from $25 to $50; fees for neutral exchanges range from $45 to $175 (proof of income via letter from DPSS case worker, W-2 or 1040/990 State Taxes filed form).


21356 Avalon Blvd.

Carson , CA 90745 (Physical)

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Service hours vary and are by appointment only; call for information.


(310) 834-1800

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