Parenting Skills Classes

Parenting Skills Classes


The agency provides faith-based multipurpose center services for children, age 5 to 12; adolescents, age 13 to 19; adults, age 18 and over; and families. Services include citizenship education, computer and related technology classes, day camps, English as a second language, extended day care, homework help programs, music instruction, parenting skills classes, recreational activities/sports, subject tutoring, and youth development. There are no geographic restrictions.

Extended day care (after-school programs) is provided for children in kindergarten through age 14.

Music instruction services include guitar, drums, piano and singing for youth.

A summer day camp is provided for children ages five to 14, and subject tutoring for elementary school and high school students.

Adult services include a job connection workshop and other workshops at area schools.

Transportation services are provided for after school programs for residents of the local community.

Also provided is rental of the baseball field and soccer field to the general public. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to request more information; a registration form is required to register. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Registration fees are $15, however fees may be based on income to qualifying individuals; there are fixed fees for programs. There are no fees for the citizenship class and workshops.
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10725 Penrose St.

Sun Valley , CA 91352 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 1:00pm to 6:00pm.

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