Professional Schools

Professional Schools


The center provides a postgraduate education through Phillips Graduate University that offers a variety of Master's level and Doctorate degrees and intern placement for people to obtain the supervised clinical hours required in order to be licensed as an MFT or school counselor. Services include continuing education, professional schools, and speakers/speakers bureaus. There are no geographic restrictions.

The M.A. programs in psychology or school counseling are five semesters and last between 16 and 20 months. A doctoral program is available in organizational management. The center offers year-long Clinical Supervised Placements and registered internships for people who hold a post-graduate master's degree. Students in the Institute's degree program may fulfill the clinical requirement elsewhere. Some training is provided in addition to supervision.

Other academic programs include continuing education and certificate programs for mental health professionals in a wide range of areas; non-professionals may also take these courses. Clinical trainee and internship programs are available in addition to specialized clinical training programs in adolescent therapy, Latino family therapy, school counseling, therapy with elders, and post-modern therapies programs and other areas. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to request information or an application for graduate programs or the training or placement programs. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The application fee for all graduate programs is $75. Some students may be eligible for financial aid of various kinds; the center's financial aid office provides information about available programs.
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