Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education

Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education ( Adolescents )


The agency provides family planning services for people of all ages in the greater San Gabriel Valley area. Services include abortions, abortion referrals, contraception, emergency contraception, natural family planning, pregnancy testing, pro choice counseling, sexuality/reproductive health education and volunteer opportunities. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency also provides community education programs, and emergency contraception (up to 120 hours after unprotected intercourse).

Services provided for men include exams, and birth control supplies.

The agency serves anyone from any area and serves minors without parental consent. Birth control is available for women usually without an examination.
The birth control methods available include the IUD, diaphragm, condoms, pills, Depo Provera, the Patch, contraceptive implant and the vaginal ring.

The female exam includes a health history; pap smear; blood pressure test; recording of height and weight; an examination of the breasts and pelvic area; and lab tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).

Staff have received special training relating to counseling and examining women who have physical and mental disabilities.

A colposcopy clinic is also available for ongoing clients. The agency can refer women who are interested in sterilization to publicly-funded facilities.

Adult and teenage women can request a urine test to determine if they are pregnant. The center also offers pregnancy counseling to inform women about the issues involved in adoption, abortion, prenatal care, and delivering a baby in order to increase their awareness of their choices. In addition, the program can refer women to other resources, depending upon their decision. The pregnancy counseling is based on the philosophy that a woman needs information about all of the options available in order to make an informed choice about how to deal with her pregnancy.

Women who are up to 14 weeks into their pregnancy can request a first trimester abortion. Confirmation of pregnancy either at the agency or at another facility is required. Service includes a medication abortion and a vacuum aspiration procedure with moderate sedation or a local anesthetic.

In addition, to the direct family planning services which are available for teenagers, the agency offers a teen peer counseling program which trains teens age 14 to 20 to provide information about birth control, pregnancy, STD's including AIDS, decision making, relationships and related topics for other teens who want to talk on a one-to-one basis at the center. The trained teens provide informal outreach services to peers at school and in the community when family planning-related issues are discussed, and do education programs at schools and other sites.

The agency's free community education programs are available, on request, on a variety of family planning topics. Staff members visit groups in private homes, churches, schools and agencies to provide information about STD's, birth control methods, and other related topics. The agency also loans educational films and videotapes to interested groups and publishes a newsletter. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information or an appointment. The Eagle Rock Express site does NOT provide abortions or any physical exams at the site. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Clinic fees are determined on a sliding scale basis and Medi-Cal and Family PACT are accepted. However, no one is refused service due to inability to pay; many people qualify for free care under state and federal family planning grants. Donations are requested from agencies who borrow educational films.
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Clinic hours are Monday, 8:30am to 4:30pm; Tuesday and Wednesday, 11:00am to 7:00pm; Thursday and Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm; Saturday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.


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