Specialized Information and Referral

Specialized Information and Referral ( Disabilities Issues )


The agency provides services for people with disabilities, age 18 and older, in Los Angeles County. Services include disability related center based employment or individuals with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, media materials, and specialized information and referral. Services are provide to individuals and their families who live in the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center catchment area which includes the Central Los Angeles, Hollywood/Wilshire, Glendale and Pasadena health districts, and the communities of La Crescenta, La Canada/Flintridge, Eagle Rock and Burbank. Geographic restrictions apply.

Services include long-term, closely supervised, paid employment. Individuals must be able to feed and clean themselves, to use the toilet without assistance and must be able to perform workshop tasks such as simple assembly and disassembly, sorting, collating and packaging. New employees in the workshop are trained for and assigned to tasks based upon the skill they have demonstrated in intake testing.

Local businesses and agencies contract with the workshop to provide employment opportunies. Employees may also be assigned to one of four independent living skills classes offered by the workshop. These classes teach participants about grooming, telling time, coin recognition and other general skills.

Individuals may also learn reading, writing and mathematics skills. Various recreational activities such as occasional field trips and a bowling league are also offered.

Secondary services include benefits advocacy for parents of people who are enrolled in its workshop or who reside in one of the group homes. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information. Applicants must be screened and referred by the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center or North Los Angeles County staff for vocational aptitude and social and self-help skills. This procedure takes several weeks. If an applicant is then eligible, the Regional Center will contact the individual to schedule an interview and test. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for information, referral, advocacy, community education services or to participate in the workshop. The fees charged to businesses for commercial jobs performed by the workshop employees vary.
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