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Sativa Water Information


211 LA is providing information on the Sativa Water District water quality concerns to residents in the Willowbrook and Compton area who are concerned about water discoloration from their tap water. 

What residents should know:

  • The Water supplied by Sativa Water District meets public health standards for drinking water.
  • Public Health will continue to test the water quality.
  • Report water discoloration to Sativa Water District at their hotline, 310-631-8176, and visit their website for more information:
  • Customers experiencing water discoloration can get free bottled water for drinking and cooking by contacting Sativa Water District or calling 2-1-1 for current distribution locations.
  • See the FAQ's below for more information including how to flush discolored water.

211 LA tiene información de preocupaciones sobre la calidad del agua en la comunidad de Willowbrook

  • Agua proporcionada por el distrito de agua Sativa cumple con los estándares de salud pública
  • El Departamento de Salud Pública continuará probando la calidad del agua
  • Reporte la descoloración del agua al Distrito de Agua Sativa
  • Comuníquese con el Distrito de Agua Sativa para obtener agua gratuita si tiene agua descolorida, o llame al 2-1-1 para distribución de botellas de agua

FAQ's - English/Español (click to view)  

FAQ's for water quality concerns in the Willowbrook Community regarding the Sativa Water District



















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