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2-1-1 Service At Risk

LA County considering major changes to 2-1-1 service, including for-profit provider, automation, and service cuts

MESSAGE FROM 211 LA: The 211 service you are using today is at risk of drastically changing on January 1st.  The Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County will be voting July 12th on whether to accept the recommendation of the County's Chief Information Office and Chief Executive Office to change the provider of 211 service from 211 LA, a nonprofit community organization that has been serving for over 40 years, to a for profit technology and consulting corporation. If approved, this decision would also change the 211 service by reducing services offered through the 2-1-1 service including Elder Abuse Reports, Hate Act reports, signing seniors and caregivers up for care coordination, and providing crisis housing motel vouchers to homeless families. It will also rely more on automation, technology, and bots, and transferring callers to other hotlines without addressing their whole situation. Learn more about the proposed changes and what you can do.

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