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Winter Shelter

Family Reunification Housing Subsidy

Coordinated Entry System for Families

Homeless Services

Individuals and families who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or have other housing-related needs, or the service providers who work with them can call or contact 211 LA 24/7 for assistance finding homeless services. We advise people to contact us as early as possible if they are concerned about becoming homeless or are in urgent need of shelter. Many shelters have limited intake hours, limited beds, and may require first entering the Coordinated Entry System - emergency shelter beds are very limited.

In addition to providing information and referrals for homeless services, 211 LA operates the following programs for homeless families:

  • 211 LA is an entry point for the Coordinated Entry System (CES) for Families in Los Angeles County. CES is a seamless, cooperative system of service delivery for homeless and at-risk families. As part of this program, 211 LA screens homeless families and certain pregnant women for basic eligibility criteria and provides linkages to Family Solutions Centers (FSCs). During after-hours, 211 LA has a limited number of emergency housing (motel vouchers) available for homeless families in need.
  • 211 LA provides services onsite at the Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court for homeless families referred to the Family Reunification Housing Subsidy (FRHS). Families participating in the FRHS program are referred by a judge through a court order and have been deemed eligible for family reunification services, and 211 LA assists with coordinating the reunification process.